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Transferring iPhone photos and videos to your Mac can save precious space on your mobile device. Plus, it’s easier to edit and retouch when you’ve got a larger screen with a higher resolution, not to mention that native Mac tools allow you to convert, resize, and Call Relay lets you place and answer calls from your iPhone, using your Mac.  In order for call relay to work, both your iPhone and Mac need to be: Running iOS 8.1 or later on iPhone, OS X Yosemite or later on Mac. Apple’s iTunes media player program syncs your Macintosh computer with your iPhone, backing up the phone’s content to the computer’s  ITunes synchronizes music and video data and saves iPhone apps to your Mac. The Mac cannot run these apps directly – its The app works on Mac computers with Mac OS X 10.5 or later and connects to your Android phone using your charger’s USB cable.

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If hotspot connection is absent, go to Personal Hotspot in your iPhone settings and make sure that you’ve pressed Allow Others to Join.

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17/8/2020 · Acabas de conectar un USB en tu Mac o MacBook y este no lo detecta. ¿Qué puedes hacer para solucionar este problema? Te explicamos todos los pasos a seguir para acceder a un disco externo que no aparece en tu ordenador o portátil Apple. Una vez que habilite Find My iPhone en iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch o AirPods, puede usar el inicio de sesión en Find My iPhone para usar las funciones anteriores.

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iPhone reacondicionado, Galaxy S6  Es posible que si te acabas de comprar un Mac ya utilices un iPhone o un iPad.

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Please try the following solutions to fix the problem. Disconnect iPhone etc from host and connect it to VMware Mac OS X. And open System Information or System Report on It works with any Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running macOS Sierra or iOS 10 or later. Macs running macOS High Sierra or later will also be able to copy and paste entire files using Universal Clipboard. This feature turns on and off automatically when you enable or iPhone Cellular Calls is part of Apple's Continuity system, which is designed to sync and share certain capabilities across iOS, iPadOS, Apple Watch, and Mac, and also includes Handoff and Universal Clipboard. Here's how to set it up and start taking calls without Learn how to set up your iPhone and Mac to make and receive calls from your Mac.  Thanks to Apple's Continuity feature, you can start tasks on your iPhone and then pick them up on your Mac and vice versa, from handing off documents and long-form articles Можно через FTP или эмулятор винды для мак,но это танцы с бубном,подскажите есть варианты или лучше ждать выхода iphone 8 и не кашлять???